Cavalleria Beach – Binimel·là excursion, Menorca

Cavalleria Beach – Binimel·là excursion, Menorca

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Another coastal walk, which this time goes between two undeveloped beaches on the north coast and enables you to see how the sea has eroded the coastline, with its successive outcrops, reefs, small beaches and macars, or pebbles (where large stones, macs, replace the sand), providing the observer with a sample of not curious images. Geology enthusiasts will be delighted by the variety of soils we find along the way, but the scenery we see is gratifying in itself.

As in other cases, you should plan where the pick-up point should be since this is a long walk and may tire out anyone who is not in the best of form. The walk can also be divided into two parts – for two different days – arriving only at the Cala Mica midway, from either end of the itinerary. Doing this walk in the middle of summer allows you to have a refreshing swim in the sea at the midway point before setting off to finish. You will run the risk of sunburn, however, if you do not take a hat with you; there is no vegetation to provide us with shade.

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